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Eleni’s Top 10 Records For 2022

#5. THE WILLIAMS BROTHERS “Memories To Burn (Regional Records)

When The Williams Brothers, identical twins Andrew and David, sing, they achieve that kind of familial harmonic blend that seems effortless. They began singing together as kids, showbiz was in their blood (their Uncle, Andy Williams, was an Easy Listening hit-maker with his own weekly variety show on TV). They were briefly teen idols in the early ‘70s, but a decade later they began carving out a career making music in the thriving L.A. scene. Between 1987 and 1993, they released three beautifully-wrought, harmony-heavy records before deciding to go their separate ways, at least professionally. Luckily, their producer, Marvin Etzioni (a talented musician in his own right, who played bass in the original incarnation of Lone Justice) remembered the brothers had recorded a few songs just for fun in the mid ‘90s. Once they located the tapes, Marvin and Andrew cleaned them up and edited a bit. The result was Memories To Burn,” a 10-song set that featured a few Marvin originals, a couple of Robbie Fulks favorites, covers from The Kinks, Iris DeMent, Buffy Sainte-Marie and a lone Andrew-David original. The pared-down production, features Andrew’s acoustic guitar, Marvin’s bass, pedal steel from the legendary Greg Leisz and Don Heffington behind the drum kit. The uncomplicated arrangements shined a spotlight on the brothers’ beatific vocals. This album is truly a gift. A lagniappe for longtime fans.

Highway 61

The Williams Brothers “Memories to Burn” on Highway 61 Playlist.

The Williams Brothers airplay – Highway 61 – ADMR Web Radio & RWMS Web Radio (Italy) – 5.12.22

Since November 2021, the episodes of “Highway 61” have been streamed by ADMR Web Radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 4 pm. The program is also available in rerun on RWMS every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9pm to 10pm.


The Rocking Magpie

Review: The Williams Brothers “Memories to Burn”.

Classic Country Music in The Manner it Was Intended to Be Presented.

“Blood Harmony” is defined as what it sounds like when siblings sing together –  seamless, heart-felt and inextricably linked. A reliable and steady beating heart of tenderness and emotion to circulate the message, meaning and life giving force of a well-written song.

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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Andrew and David Williams (The Williams Brothers)

“Memories To Burn”

The Williams Brothers come from a rich musical lineage that goes all the way back to the late ‘30s, when Williams Brothers Andy, Dick, Bob and Don started their singing quartet that took them all the way from their home state of Iowa to sunny Los Angeles, where they appeared in movies and were under contract with MGM Films. The second iteration of The Williams Brothers featured Don’s sons Andrew and David, who put out two albums in 1973. As teen idols they had a hit with “What’s Your Name” and even made an appearance on The Partridge Family. They resurfaced again in the late ‘80s, putting out a trio of fabulous albums for Warner Brothers, their last being 1993’s Harmony Hotel. Along the way they backed up Brian Setzer, Joe Ely and The Cruzados, sang back up on the Plimsouls’ “A Million Miles Away” and were part of T-Bone Burnett’s band for a tour of Europe. They had a hit with “Can’t Cry Enough” in ’92, appeared as an Everly Brothers duo in Alison Anders’ Grace Of My Heart and after that…..well, after that, they stepped away and lived their lives. 28 years later we have Memories To Burn. This album gets done in 30 minutes what most bands try to do their entire careers. The harmonies are lustrous and elegant and the phrasing is delivered with finesse and grace. The two brothers’ vocal interplay is effortless, organic and soul-affirming. Featuring covers by Robbie Fulks and Iris DeMent and with a band that features the marvelous Marvin Etzioni and Greg Liesz, Memories To Burn is one of 2022’s very best. Good to have these guys back.

Americana UK – Track Premiere: Rich McCulley & Marvin Etzioni “Apricot”

Americana UK Premieres Rich McCulley & Marvin Etzioni song “Apricot”.

Combining the talents of Rich McCulley (also in the band Stash) and Marvin Etzioni (of power duo Thee Holy Brothers and a founding member of Lone Justice) – Rich & Marvin is less a band and more a musical friendship that records. As Marvin puts it in the context of this song “Rich & Marvin’s band never really formed, they were always here among us waiting for the moment to be ripe enough to be tasted.”

‘Apricot‘ has the sound of a euphemism-filled folk song, like an escapee from The Basement Tapes. Not so surprising perhaps considering the recording approach which is basically this – Rich & Marvin write songs together – they started pre-Covid at Rich’s home studio in North Hollywood, California before he moved to El Paso, Texas. ‘Apricot‘ was actually their first co-write. Rich sings, plays guitar, and does the engineering. Marvin sings, plays drums, bass, and mandolin. They arrange and produce the recordings together until they both agree the track is ready for mastering with Sean Magee at Abbey Road.

John Kruth discusses his new book Hold On World with Pat Thomas at Book Soup

8-5-21 6–9PM PDT, Book Soup Online Event
Dear Friends,
I had the honor of being interviewed by John Kruth for his new book “Hold On World” about John Lennon “Plastic Ono Band” album. My Holy Brother Willie Aron suggested I get interviewed for the book since Willie knew it was a life changing album for me upon it’s release in 1970. Kruth and I spend an afternoon listening to the album on vinyl and had an epic hang. You can find me in the index of the book near Brian Epstein. Enjoy. Marvin Etzioni

Marvin Joins Nicole Sandler’s Periscope Show

1-18-21 Nicole Sandler Show
It’s MLK Day and Music’s Returning to the White House. A special Monday Music Show with Lili Haydn and Marvin Etzioni.

John V’s Eclectic Avenue

Etzoni’s “What’s The Mood” is Exceptional
Rock and roll music can accomplish many things. At its best, it can thrill us, move us, teach us, uplift us, and allow us to be carried away by its rhythms. When an artist can accomplish all of those things on one record, it’s a very special occurrence. Marvin Etzoni, a founding member of Lone Justice, does just that on his latest solo release, What’s The Mood Of The Country Now?, an exceptional record that defies categorization….

The Alternate Root: Top Albums of 2020 So Far

The Alternate Root Reviews “What’s the Mood of the Country Now?”
“Marvin Etzioni (from the album What’s the Mood in the Country Now? available on Regional Records). Basing the theme of his recent release on faith in the future, Marvin Etzioni presents What’s the Mood in the Country Now? The album foregoes standing in a genre line, taking its musical cue from country as a territorial landmass, not a style choice.”…

Calgary Herald

Sunshine, harmony, big voices and strings close out the Calgary Folk Music Festival on Sunday
“Hearing Marvin Etzioni of L.A.’s Thee Holy Brothers sing the gorgeous hymn-like You Are the Light, which he wrote back in the 1980s for his pioneering country-rock outfit Lone Justice, was one of the more rewarding treats of the festival.”…

American Songwriter

“My Name is Sparkle” Album Review
“An absolute joy from start to finish. A beautifully conceived, executed and lovingly crafted chain of songs from Peter Case, a guy who has been crafting great songs for decades now, from early classics like “A Million Miles Away” (with his band The Plimsouls) through much solo greatness such as “Put Down The Gun,” “Beyond The Blues” and so many others.”…

American Songwriter

Marvin Etzioni Shares A New Song for Now, “Quarantine Blues”
The brilliant songwriter-singer brings us a hopeful new lockdown blues. Marvin Etzioni dreams songs. And not just once in a rare while, as some songwriters do; he dreams songs all the time! To the extent he has trained himself to wake up so as to capture them. “Which is not easy to do,” he said. “You don’t want to wake up. But if I don’t, it is gone.”…

Western Publicity Press Release

Founding member of Lone Justice Marvin Etzioni launches Regional Records with new solo album, Thee Holy Brothers, Grey DeLisle and more in 2020-2021
Marvin Etzioni is launching his first record label, Regional Records, with a new solo album, “What’s The Mood in the Country Now?” on October 23rd. When asked about the album, Etzioni said, “This is not an Americana record. This is an American record. (Continue Reading)