Gary Calamar, noted music supervisor and host of 88.5 FM KCSN’s The Open Road, will be playing a track from Thee Holy Brothers’ forthcoming album “High In My Balloon” on The Open Road on Sunday, March 31, between 5 pm and 7 pm PST.

Thee Holy Brothers will be appearing with Cindy Lee Berryhill at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica on Sunday, April 14, 2024 at 8 pm. Tickets available at the link below.

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thee holy brothers august 18 gig

August Songs- A Delightful Night of Music & Verse

FRIDAY August 18 AT 9 PM – 11 PM
125 South Topanga Canyon Boulevard,Topanga,90290

Don’t miss AUGUST SONGS -A Delightful Night of Music & Verse with Cindy Lee Berryhill, Thee Holy Brothers & John Kruth bring magical unfoldings to Topanga Canyon at eclectic Corazon Performing Arts space.

John Kruth, author of “John Lennon/Yoko Ono: Plastic Ono Band 50 Years On”
Thee Holy Brothers
Cindy Lee Barryhill

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Dear Friends,

I was planning on posting this video in October 2022, to promote the 30th Anniversary of my debut album “The Mandolin Man” (which was released in 1992). Since the former President of Russia, Mr. Gorbachev, just passed away, perhaps now is the right time. In 1990, the year Mr. Gorbachev received a Nobel Peace Prize, the Russian government invited me to perform and meet songwriters in Moscow as part of a cultural exchange with the United States. When I returned, a taxi cab driver in New York City asked me what I thought of Russia. I got down on my hands and knees, kissed the cement, looked up and said, “That’s what I think of Russia.” I was so glad to be “right here in the USA” (as Chuck Berry would say.) Enjoy “How Great Is the Ocean” (live in Moscow, 1990) when i was younger than yesterday. Click here to view the video on Facebook.

— Marvin

"Apricot" the first single by Rich + Marvin. Available on your favorite digital platform.

Combining the talents of Rich McCulley (also in the band Stash) and Marvin Etzioni (of power duo Thee Holy Brothers and a founding member of Lone Justice) – Rich & Marvin is less a band and more a musical friendship that records. Continue reading…


Available now on on your favorite digital platform:

Flashback March 2020

Marvin Etzioni Shares A New Song for Now, “Quarantine Blues
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The brilliant songwriter-singer brings us the new lockdown blues. Marvin Etzioni dreams songs. And not just once in a rare while, as some songwriters do; he dreams songs all the time!To the extent …